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Call for papers – Special issue of Social Science Computer Review on the Human Factor in Cybercrime

As technology access and use evolves across demographic groups and regions of the world, the threat posed by its misuse will continue to grow. Research examining the phenomena of cybercrime, or the misuse of technology in order to offend, is vital to increase our understanding of the nature of offender behavior, correlates of victimization, and […] Read more

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Nouvelle publication: “The cyber-resilience of financial institutions: significance and applicability”

B. Dupont (2019), The cyber-resilience of financial institutions: significance and applicability, Journal of Cybersecurity, 5 (1), 1-17. Abstract: The growing sophistication, frequency and severity of cyberattacks targeting financial sector institutions highlight their inevitability and the impossibility of completely protecting the integrity of critical computer systems. In this context, cyber-resilience offers an attractive complementary alternative to […] Read more