1st Annual Conference on the Human Factor in Cybercrime

Over the last two decades, the prevalence of cybercrime has increased rapidly and has become part of the everyday life of citizens. The planed Conference will focus on the human factor in cybercrimes and address the interaction between end-users, criminal actors, and the institutional environment. The 1st annual conference on the human factor in cybercrime will offer an opportunity to present cutting-edge research, introduce new projects and thought-provoking initiatives, and promote exchange among participants that will inform their ongoing research.

Anyone conducting research on issues related to the human factor in cybercrime is invited to submit their research for presentation at the upcoming 1st annual conference on the human factor in cybercrime. All substantive thematic areas of cybercrime will be considered including: different types of cybercrime: acts of trespass, fraud / theft, pornography, child sexual exploitation, and cyberviolence/IPV, causes of cybercrime criminality, the impact of victimization and the regulations and enforcement to address it.

Proposals should be submitted to the Academic Committee at hcsrcl@gmail.com, with the applicant’s name, affiliation, phone, and email information.   The deadline for submitting proposals is 15 May, 2018.


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