Darkode: Recruitment patterns and transactional features of “the most dangerous cybercrime forum in the world”

This article explores the social and market dynamics of Darkode, an invitation-only cybercrime forum that was dismantled by the FBI in July 2015 and was described by a U.S. Attorney as “the most sophisticated English-speaking forum for criminal computer hackers in the world”. Based on a leaked database of 4788 discussion threads, we examine the selection […] Read more

Conference Proceedings

Follow the traffic: Stopping click fraud by disrupting the value chain

Advertising fraud, particularly click fraud, is a growing concern for the online advertising industry. The use of click bots, malware that automatically clicks on ads to generate fraudulent traffic, has steadily increased over the last years. While the security industry has focused on detecting and removing malicious binaries associated with click bots, a better understanding […] Read more


Google et les botnets

This content is not available in the selected language. Un article du Register fait état du recours par des pirates informatiques contrôlant un réseau d’ordinateurs compromis (un botnet) à un service Google (App Engine) pour relayer leurs instructions à ces ordinateurs. Les avantages selon des consultants en sécurité cités par le journaliste? Les prix sont bas, la […] Read more